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Collection: Dukkah

Dukkah is a traditional Egyptian nut, seed and spice mix.  In Arabic, the word "dukkah" means to pound or crush, which explains the way it is made using a mortar & pestle.

While there are traditional recipes, the ingredients and recipes change from family to family and from area to area.  

Traditionally it would be used as a dip with bread and oil, but has been more modernly adopted by the vegan and vegetarian community, the foodie and gourmet community and Australians, is as to sprinkle on dishes for flavour, texture and a nutritional kick.

Mutha Dukkah draws inspiration from traditional recipes and gives them a cheeky, modern, west coast flair that is sure to inspire the most discerning palate.

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  • Sampler pack - all 5 dukkah flavours - sweet and savoury
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