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Seasoning 2.0

From being a buzz word in restaurant kitchens and an obscure recipe in middle-eastern cookbooks, North America is slowly starting to be exposed to the thing - the magic - that is dukkah. 

We refer to it as a thing, because Dukkah is one of those culinary delights that defies definition. Calling it a mere seasoning or a nut blend, would not give it the justice and the platform that it deserves.  Seasoning, for sure. Snack, totally. Condiment, un huh. Spice blend, yep. Salad topper, yep. Yogurt topper, yep. Cereal topper, yep. Dessert topper, yep. Rub, yep. Dip, yep. Mix, yep. Finishing salt, yep. It is all these things and more. It is so darn versatile! Don't even get us started on where to put it in the grocery store!

Richness from ground nuts and seeds, combined with the crunchy texture from coarsely ground spices and seeds, finished off with bold punchy flavour and aromatics from freshly ground spices and herbs. 

We say it depends on the day, the dish and your personal tastebuds.  We will do our best to educate and give you pairing ideas, but we'll leave it up to you to get creative with the best way to eat your Mutha Dukkah.  We promise you it will become a staple in your pantry.


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