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Blame it on the avo

There is a reason dukkah has gained so much popularity in trend-forward Australia and you can blame the rise of the trendy brunch item, avocado toast or avo toast, as the Aussies would call it. 

“Avocado is a pretty tame flavor… it lends itself to additions. Dukkah is a popular topping—this condiment hails from Egypt, a blend of finely chopped nuts and spices—way more interesting to sprinkle on avocado than boring old salt and pepper." -

In her comprehensive, manual-like The New Book of Middle Eastern Cuisine, Cairo-born Claudia Roden, a leading authority on Middle Eastern food, traces dukkah's growing conventionalism from the western world to Australia.

Why dukkah is so popular in Australia of all places, and such a distance from Egypt and North Africa was that in the 1800's as large tracts of land were being settled, Afghan Cameleers came to drive camel trains across the Australian outback, thus pioneering what the Muslim community is today in Australia. They brought dukkah with them and adapted it to the ingredients that were available locally.  (On a side note, they also brought camels.  Which explains why there is a feral camel population in Australia.)

Now you'll find that it's being increasingly adopted by the vegan and vegetarian community as it adds flavour, texture, nutritional value to meals that can at times seem dull and without variation.  Folks on a plant-based diet already use nuts and seeds to increase nutrition.  Dukkah, literally, spices things up.

It's not just the Aussies and plant-based foodies that have adopted dukkah, it is a darling of the gourmet restaurant community.  Yes, you'll find it served traditionally, as a dip with bread and oil, but mostly you'll see it sprinkled as a topping and sometimes as a coating or crumb for meat or fish. And you'll see Chefs showcase many creative recipes to harness dukkah's beauty, flavour and aromatics. It adds interesting dimension to foods.

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