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What the heck(ah) is dukkah?

Dukkah is your new go-to, you just don't know it...yet.

Dukkah gets its name from the Arabic word "to crush" or "to pound", which is precisely how it's made, traditionally with a mortar and pestle. Hailing from Egypt and areas of North Africa, recipes vary from locale to locale and family to family, but generally consist of sesame seeds, nuts, salt, dried herbs and spices.  The ingredients are ground into a coarse powder, releasing tastebud-tantalizing aromatics in the process.  It's a versatile enough thing, fine enough to sprinkle on food as a topping and seasoning, yet chunky enough to grab by the handful and eat as a snack.  Traditionally, it would be eaten drenched in olive oil as a dip with a chunk of crusty bread.  Mutha Dukkah is the modern iteration of its traditional dukkah roots. Dukkah has been adopted by the gourmet community, the vegan and vegetarian community and by Australians as a topping to add flavour, texture or a nutritional kick to your everyday meals.  From sweet to savoury and all things in-between, get creative, put it on everything.

Sprinkle it.  Dip it.  Love it.

get creative

A flavour for everyone and everything.

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Very unique product. Haven’t seen anything like it, plus it’s super yummy!

Christine J.

It’s a great condiment to spice up your dish! I love it sprinkled on salads. Can’t wait to try the other flavours!

Paula M.

Just had the "Gold Digger" with breakfast, so good! My new fav.

Amy L.
girl smiling and holding avocado topped with Mutha Dukkah

Keep it (Mutha Dukkah'n) simple.

Recipe ideas

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